A long… LONG time ago, they were


Until their wild lifestyle ruined it all.

But now… 

the mostSHOWMANTICcouple 

in the history of showbiz is making their COMEBACK!

Featuring original music with live vocals, dynamic dance and skill acts, eye- popping magic, a throughline story of skits and sketches and endless laughs, the "Whirlwind Showmance" of Johnny Great and Dutch uniquely pulls the classic show biz vibe into the modern world in this one-of-a-kind Magical Musical! 

So, come and join Dutch and Johnny as they pull out every song, dance, and trick in the book to convince TV network executives that the most "showmantic" couple in the biz is back and ready for the big time . . . again!

A spirited and original two person show!

Small Cast, Big Show!